Kickstarter, HuffPost, and More!

Things have been moving quickly for Golf Alpha Yankee. 

First, I'm back in NYC! Missing Berlin, but loving this fine city as well.

Second, we cut a new trailer for Golf Alpha Yankee! Check it out! 

Third, we've got a Kickstarter! Check it out!

Fourth, I was on Huffington Post World Brief with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today to talk about Golf Alpha Yankee!

Finally, get in touch! We're having a Kickstarter Party at CAMP DAVID, a bar in the East Village, on Thursday, July 17th 6:00pm - 9:00pm! JOIN US! 

Stay tuned for more!

Great Things Brewing for Golf Alpha Yankee!

Application to 2014 IFP Spotlight on Documentaries is in the mail!

I've booked my flight back to NYC for the summer, to continue prep on what will soon begin: our Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign to raise postproduction and festival funds. We are psyched to get the word out there about Golf Alpha Yankee and to give #LGBT people in #Iran and other parts of the world a #VOICE ! 

Join our mailing list to keep posted on the progress. This is only the beginning! :)

OFFICIAL SITE for Golf Alpha Yankee up and running!

Well, the official site for my doc film Golf Alpha Yankee is now up and running. Many thanks to the cast and crew for their time and input.

We're on our way to raising the rest of the funds we need to complete this emotional and necessary film. Check it out!

Messy March continues! Happy New year to all our friends celebrating on the Islamic calendar! 

New Site for Golf Alpha Yankee

Putting the final touches on the new GOLF ALPHA YANKEE website. Should be live within a couple days, along with the new trailer for the film. IFP Doc Lab application arrived safely last week, and BritDoc Fund app is shortly on the way. Great things happening!

New Email and Meetings

Super productive meeting last night with the amazingly talented Emily Smith for an upcoming project proposal still on the hush hush, which will hopefully be a collaboration between Greek and German TV stations and us :) More news soon.

In the meantime, my new email address is officially live and connected to everything. Never imagined that migrating one gmail account to another one would include literally DAYS of work. If you're looking to do that in the future, plan on taking a week off of work. 

You can now officially reach me at RicktheFlynn@gmail.

Prepping mentally for the beginning of MESSY MARCH tomorrow, my annual month of getting messy with life, inspired by mentor and earthly manifestation of love, Arnold Mungioli. Details to follow. GET MESSY!


With the new site for Golf Alpha Yankee ready to launch within a week, I'm excited to be working primarily on funding and lab applications, in between translation sessions with an amazingly generous translator whose name we are withholding for safety reasons.

Teaser for the film is on the way too. For now, a faint preview of our protagonist in limbo...


Official Launch!

Launching the new and improved today!

Much thanks to Chapter One Coffee in Berlin, which has provided me daily with the best coffee one can get in this town, and also to Cafe Cuccuma around the corner, for their Wifi and lovely work-conducive balcony seat.

The staff at Cuccuma, whose cakes are delicious and whose coffee is, well, German... gracefully look the other way every day when I stroll in smuggling a to-go cup from Chapter One, whose hipster facilities don't offer tables or Wifi. It is only through this combination of coffee and wifi that I managed to get this thing up and running.

Happy browsing!